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Wargames Writer: The Armchair Wargamer

Horus Heresy Narrative Battle Report: The Be’dlingtonis Crusade

One of the main reasons I enjoy the Horus Heresy game system is the opportunity to create and develop your own narrative. As a narrative focussed wargamer at heart this is an important part of my hobby. Following my most recent game against my regular opponent’s newly painted Adeptus Mechanicum force I thought I would…

Review: Pendraken’s 1809 10mm Napoleonic Range (Austrians & French)

Pendraken is a long-established manufacturer of high-quality miniature figures. Their range of 10mm Napoleonic figures is no exception, offering a great selection of finely detailed characterful miniatures that will appeal to both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the hobby. I have bought figures from their French and Austrian ranges, which will be the principal focus…

About Me

I enjoy wargaming conflicts real or imaginary from ancient times to the 20th century and beyond, all while drinking copious quantities of tea. My cat often features in my wargames as she enjoys rolling around on my board. The miniatures do not appreciate this.

My cat (Wren) does not agree that the pike block is queen of the battlefield.

My first introduction to wargaming was at the age of 12 y.o. when a schoolfriend showed me his Necron army for 3rd edition Warhammer 40,000. My first wargame was on a snooker table without terrain. Twenty years later I still have the rule book that started me off, but I have branched off into a variety of other wargames (mostly historical).

I enjoy writing articles on all aspects of the wargaming hobby, but in particular I enjoy writing my own scenarios for playing with my local wargames group in Newcastle, UK. I have previously been published in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, Miniature Wargames, Military Miniature, as well as the Too Fat Lardies Lard Annual. I also write historical articles which have been published in the Gallipoli Association Journal, the Oral History Society and the Journal of the Western Front.

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